ARM Conspiracy Theories

"Total Peace Through Complete Domination" — ARM (Amalgamated Regional Militia)

*Warning: What you are about to read is purely hypothetical. Furthermore, these are the collected ARM theories based on research performed by John Waterman. The ARM may or may not exist at this point in time. Read the article and make your own assumptions. All theories are based on literature created by Larry Niven, one of the greatest authors and visionaries of our time.

If you are unfamiliar with the works of Larry Niven, some of the following content may be confusing or downright disturbing. Let's commence...

Here are some common tropes from my Known Space resource, presented as 'Conspiracy Theories' Humans and other races 'believe' . . .

Lies, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid

Despite the complete control the ARM exercises over the educational and information-storage/transfer systems on Earth and its gradual redaction of Earth history during centuries of alterations to public databases and educational curricula--whether subtle or not-so-subtle--people still whisper rumors about the ARM and various things about which ‘They want no one to know’. Likewise, many citizens of the Human Space colony worlds have their own wild notions about the ARM’s abilities, schemes, goals, and conspiracies. These are a little more freely spoken and published on the colonies, though there is no place on any Human Space world or habitat where one can shout too loudly about them or subsequently go to hide if the ARM feels they have hit too close to the truth. Bearing all that in mind, listed below are some of the most popular rumors that circulate about the ARM and its nefarious ‘plots’ throughout history and across Known Space.


The ARM has ‘sane’ functional Artificial Intelligences in its employ, or the ARM is actually run by one or more AIs. The Kzinti really like the latter hypothesis, since simple monkey humans can’t be smart enough to have whipped the Patriarchy four Wars in a row - right? RIGHT?


Protector ThinkingThe ARM can create Human ‘Protectors’ at will, and has some way of controlling them. Alternately the ARM is actually run by Human Protectors; maybe even Jack Brennan aka ’Vandervecken’ (see both, below). Most Known Space humans or other aliens don’t know what a Protector-phase human is, except for some sort of malevolent super-smart quasi-human created by ARM drugs or genetic engineering.



The ARM has a secret source of antimatter, much larger than the ‘secret’ Lunar and Mercury Supercolliders which the UN ostensibly uses to produce antimatter to arm and fuel its Navy after ~2675AD. (True--but go ahead; prove it; see what happens to you.)


The ARM is actually run by one or more of the following: the Catholic Church, the Freemasons, the Scientologists, the Elvites, the Comintern, the Elders of Zion, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Rastafarians, the Rosicrucians, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburgers, or the (insert name of historical Secret Society or any combination of the above, and/or others, here). (True, to an extent, in that the ARM has infiltrated and recruited members of all of the above ‘secret’ societies over the centuries; but in the end it is meaningless. The ARM now runs these conspiracies for its own ends, rather than vice versa.)

The ARM is Mother, The ARM is Father. Trust The ARM.


The ARM has a captive Slaver, or Tnuctip, or even both. Conversely, the ARM is actually run by a Slaver or Tnuctipun refugee from stasis. Most Known Space humans or aliens don’t know what Thrintun or Tnuctipun are, except as some sort of malevolent demi-gods from the early Universe.

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The ARM has a (Slaver) telepathic amplifier, and/or has ARM-bred telepathic adepts use it to control whatever or whomever it wants, whether singly or in groups.


The ARM secretly trains and controls all Psi adepts, to better its ability to control Humanity. Alternately, it is run by Psi adepts with Mind Control or a Slaver/Tnuctip escaped from stasis for their own nefarious ends, whatever those might be. Often found in some conjunction with #5 and #6, above.

ARM Agent Shooting


The ARM is secretly run by the Puppeteers, or the ARM has fabricated the Puppeteers as a front to control the introduction of high technology across Known Space. The latter is a cunning rumor, though not exactly wicked . . . or is it?


The ARM is run by the Outsiders for unfathomable reasons of their own, or vice versa has just made up the Outsiders as a false front; see #8, above.


The ARM leaked faked evidence in the 24th century AD of ‘wars’ and ‘battles’--ostensibly occurring on 19th & 20th century AD Earth--as an excuse to fight the Kzinti, who were really not at all warlike before attacked by the psychotic crew of an ARM clandestine military mission disguised as a colony ship headed for We Made It (the UNSS Angel’s Pencil). Thus the ARM used the Kzinti as an exterior threat which the ARM could utilize to better take control of Humanity. Even the Kzinti laugh at this one, though there are plenty of people born in the period before the First Man-Kzin War--and also among those born after the Fourth--who truly believe it . . .

Angel's Pencil


The ARM produced ‘booster spice’ from live tree-of-life virus (see) taken from the Pak Pssthpok’s cargo module in 2125AD, and later distributed it through the front of the Jinx Institute of Knowledge in order to immunize some part of the Human population against tree-of-life virus in case of an attack by the Pak. (This is true; again, prove it.) Additionally, one out of a million booster spice recipients become Human Protectors, and they actually run the ARM (see #2, above).

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John Waterman lives in Colorado with his wife, daughter, a variable number of cats, and a neutron star surrounded by a dog-shaped accretion disk. He doesn't always drink whiskey; but when he does, he prefers Irish single-malt. He served in the United States Army during the end of the Cold War, last with the Eleventh Armored Cavalry Regiment in Fulda, Germany.

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