Got something to say? We’d love to hear it. The Nova Ratio is guest blogger friendly. Get your message out on the web.

If you speak geek, we like the way you think. This is a great opportunity to publish your point of view and build your author ship reputation online. WordPress experience a plus!

Blogging Guidelines

Acceptable Content

  • Science and Technology
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Science, Science Fiction and Technology Review
  • Ideas and Invention
  • Science and Technology News
  • Coding and Software
  • Web Development
  • Finance and Analysis
  • Scientific Theory
  • Space and the Universe

Unacceptable Content


  • Politics
  • Pornographic Material
  • Sales Pitches
  • Home-based Business and Product Promotions
  • Duplicate Content (All work must be original)
  • Excessive Linking (This is not a backlink farm)
  • Novels (You know what I mean, let’s keep it 5 pages or less)

What You Get

  • Your work published on a user friendly, ethical website
  • An author account where you can update your profile information and write content
  • An author block complete with a profile image, author description and links to your social media profiles and website
  • SEO optimization of articles, Admin social sharing to get the word out, and Search Console submission for fast indexing by Google
  • In addition to the author block, writers may include one affiliate link per article (upon approval by admin)


Yes a disclaimer, unfortunate but necessary for the admin’s protection and the authors’.

  • Admin reserves the right to final approval of all articles and content
  • Admin reserves the right to edit and optimize content for SEO, including grammatical corrections, images and meta data
  • New writer applicants must provide at least one link to a previous publication (we need to know that you can write, not just that you want to write)
  • Admin makes all editorial efforts to keep guest blogger original message intact and minimize alterations of guest blogger intent
  • No article is published until reviewed by the admin and approved by the author for publishing

If all this looks good to you and you have interesting, informative content you would like to publish on The Nova Ratio, fill out the form below: