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Everyone has a hobby, something they do related to their interests. At The Nova Ratio we are obsessed with technology and the future. What new idea will become the next great invention? We can't wait to see it.

The things we see that affect our lives and the wonders that we behold, we post here. Take the journey with us as we explore the universe, its dark places and the bright here at The Nova Ratio.

My Story

I was born in 1975 to humble beginnings. My family consists of a long line of hardworking people that farmed the fertile land of the South. I grew up in a deer camp on the bank of a bayou in the middle of a national forest.  Childhood was a happy time spent roaming the woods fishing and hunting.

From an early age I showed a decided break from the norm. Of course I loved all the aspects of country life, but my methods were different. I was always inventing things like line sliders for my cane pole, reflective dishes to catch the TV signal that was so faint because we lived so far out in the woods and solar powered food dehydrators to name a few.

As I grew older, my strangeness began to stand out. Instead of the usual collection of Readers Digests and Farmer's Almanacs, my room was littered with Popular Science magazines and science fiction novels. I grew up on the words of brilliant men like Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert and Arthur Clarke. My friends and relatives used to ask me why I read such nonsense. I didn't see it as nonsense at all.

My path eventually took me away from the forests and farmlands of home. I joined the Army and went to war as is my family's tradition. Afterwards, I joined the oilfield for a number of years as a wireline engineer. I left the oilfield to go to college, a rarity in my family. I graduated with a BBA in finance. It turns out I had a thing for numbers.

Finance, it turns out, would not be my calling. I took a part time marketing position while in college and discovered my love for it. My knowledge of finance and analysis turned out to be an asset in today's highly competitive marketplace. My love for technology and numbers paid off. Today, I work for Aristotle Inc., an award winning digital engagement company.

I still love the country, the quiet and tranquility of it all, but I also hunger for knowledge and the excitement I feel every time I watch the news and see another thing from those silly books I used to read (and still do) become reality. I believe we can make it to the stars and I hope I live long enough to see it.

- Luke Thomas


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